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~ Funeral Etiquette ~


Please Assist Us With Making Your Experience Comfortable

  • Be respectful of those in attendance, especially the immediate family.

  • Resist the temptation answer or use your phone.

  • Place your phone on discreet mode. i.e. Vibrate or Silence

  • Please do not take pictures unless given authority by the immediate family

  • Please do not use any social media platforms during any part of the service.

  • Dress appropriately, do not wear any offensive clothing.

  • Please be mindful of your children and their noise level.

  • Be respectful of visiting hours.

  • Do offer your support, but do not impose.

  • Please do not ask probing or insensitive questions.

  • Please adhere to all of the families request.

  • Please adhere to the request of all involved in the memorial service. i.e. Funeral Home, Police Escort, The Cemetery

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